Aure-Bot is in public beta, some features may be marked as "in development"

Want to learn Aurebesh?

Aure-Bot is a state-of-the-art language translation bot that allows you to communicate in real-time with others in a variety of languages. With Aure-Bot, you can easily translate your messages into a bunch of different Star Wars languages with just a few clicks.


Aurebesh was a writing system comprising 34 letters used to transcribe Galactic Basic Standard, the most spoken language in the galaxy. In the Outer Rim Territories, Aurebesh was sometimes used alongside Outer Rim Basic, another alphabet.

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Features and commands

Just some cool stuff Aure-Bot can do

Automatic Translation

Aure-Bot is capable of translating into several different Star Wars languages including but not limited to Aurebesh, Mando'a and Sith with more on the way

Translate Back

Not only is Aure-Bot able to translate languages from English to several different Star Wars languages, it is also capable of translating those messages back to English

Welcome messages

Along with advanced translation modules, Aure-Bot also utilizes the most advanced Artificial Systems out there to bring Star Wars characters to life just to welcome new users to your server


Do you ever feel down or need inspiration, well Aure-Bot has you covered!! Simply use /inspiration in any channel and Aure-Bot will give you an inspirational quote from no other than Admiral Yularen himself

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about our product.

How do I add this bot to my server?

You can add this bot to your server by clicking here then inviting the bot to your server

What is this bot's prefix?

Aure-Bot doesn't use prefixed commands because the main features are type-and-send where all you have to do to interact is send a message

How can I get support for this bot?

To get support for Aure-Bot, simply join the support server or Check out our page

I love Aure-Bot, how can I support the project?

To support the project, all you have to do is head to and type "Aure-Bot" or go to and vote for the project to show your support

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